971080_10151543424833153_1521308898_nRichella Simard is a New Hampshire based artist using film in both medium and large format along with alternative and mixed media keeping photography as her primary discipline. Currently Richella work revolves around nature and the outdoors but in the past she is experienced in landscapes and portraiture. Her past series used photographic means to illustrate the diversity and unity between people and culture, which she continues to explore with the use of nature.

Richella studied at Maine College of Art and the New Hampshire Institute of Art where she received her BFA in 2007 and her MFA in 2015. She has exhibited her work nationally and in local galleries such as Art Intersection, Texas Woman’s University, Stonehill College, A Smith Gallery, NHIA, SNHU, and more. Her graduate work was published for the exhibitions “Nourish: Food as Sustenance and Pleasure”, “Down to Earth” and “Discomfort Food”. An image “Cosmos” from her recent Cyanotype studies was published in October 2016 as Photo of the Day on Her undergrad work has been published in the Photographer’s Forum, Best of College Photography Annual in 2007, receiving an honorable mention. Her work has also appeared in multiple NHIA publications. Richella’s work is in the private collections of NHIA, and private collector, John Teti.

Richella has taught at NHIA in the Continuing Education Department from the Fall of 2007-2010 and more recently the Pre-College Program and Art Educators Summer Retreat July 2016 and was recently accepted to teach BFA classes Spring 2018 along with multiple opportunities in Youth Arts Program and Community Education at NHIA. She has been employed as a full-time art teacher at Manchester School District teaching both Middle School and High School, currently teaching High School at Manchester West High School. She has also held jobs teaching photography at Manchester School of Technology along with private photography lessons.

In the past, Richella has spent her vacation time traveling and photographing within the United States. She uses a medium format camera and a view camera with 4×5 film to create her images. Her compositions convey the relationship between the natural and contrived environment always infused by the presence of humanity. Richella has moved on the explore many ways photography can be portrayed. She has worked with the alternative process known as Anthotype and currently is working on still lifes that all relate to food and our culture today as well as documenting her garden by way of cyanotype contact prints. Currently, she is working on collage work as well as some double exposures.

June 2013, Richella enrolled in the Masters of Fine Arts program at NHIA with the Sharon Arts Center in Peterborough, NH. She graduated June 2015, and is working independently on developing her practice and next steps within her art making. She is actively entering into galleries, call for entries, and has recently applied for Fulbright Exchange Scholarship which she was considered an alternate candidate for the summer of 2017. She was recently nominated for the John Chervinsky Scholarship in 2016 from the Griffin Museum of Photography. In her public school position she was recently recognized by the NH Department of Education for her efforts in West High Schools Career Day March 2017. During the school year 2016/17 she also started a collaboration with the NH Institute of Art student run Verge Gallery and the Manchester School District to host a yearly collaborative exhibition; this years show was titled Intersections.  She hopes to be an artist in residence within the years to come along with continuing on her teacher career and developing herself as an exhibiting and practicing artist in the state of New Hampshire.