971080_10151543424833153_1521308898_nRichella Simard is a contemporary photographic artist working in Concord, New Hampshire. She is an art educator at both the Institute of Art & Design at NEC and Manchester High School West in Manchester, NH teaching photography and other mediums. Richella is an avid outdoors person and her recent work incorporates a reflection of her vision and connection to the natural world. She primarily is a film photographer, creating work that uses film in both traditional practice as well as challenging the medium. She uses a medium format camera, 35mm and a 4×5 view camera to create her images. Her compositions convey the relationship between the natural and contrived environment always infused by the presence of humanity. Richella has moved on the explore many ways photography can be portrayed.

As a native NH resident, the NH woods are special and she uses them, in recent work, to express her tactility to nature (especially in recent times with the lack of touch), her need to be connected to the dirt and gardening, as well as her vision on the superficiality and saturation of human presence within our trails. She is an artist not afraid of any media and she works concurrently on multiple bodies that help to influence one another and allow her a more prolific creative practice at her home studio.